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Hi, I’m Nirmala Mc Carthy
and this is my story.

My journey has been a rollercoaster; feeling like I’m being tossed to and fro, then marveled by the wonders of life.

My early childhood was a modest one. Even though we did not have much in terms of material wealth, we never noticed as we never wanted for anything. My parents were devoted to raising the family they had created and my siblings and I were committed to being the best versions of ourselves, and making them proud. My father was the stereotypical patriarch whilst my mother could only be described as an empath. She was the most compassionate person I have known, even to this day.

This all changed in my early adult years when my father died in a car accident. This plunged my entire family into despair. The grief was a mountain on my chest, suffocating me, immobilizing me… and just when the pain began to recede, my mother- my greatest cheerleader, died of cancer.
For the following years I searched for ways to deal with the emotions. The grief. The voids. Loneliness became my constant companion, even when surrounded by people. In the darkest moments of my life, a kind soul happened upon me and could see my distress as though it was a poster.

I was introduced to meditation as a means of bringing awareness to my thoughts, my body and my emotions. I learnt that my breath was the key to relieving me of my suffering so that I could experience my pain in a healthy manner. I became curious and intrigued by the concept that we could heal ourselves and that crystals could support this process.
Through daily mediation I began to realize that I possessed the power to show up for myself and raise myself up. With the healing energy of crystals, I began to wake up, I began to learn about the energies of this universe we live in. I was amazed by the new life I was experiencing… I was amazed by the changes…the positive outlook and having an attitude of gratitude benefited me in wondrous ways.

I decided I wanted to share this new life and start opening up the minds of others… promoting positivity and healing channeling the powers of crystals. My suffering had purpose in that it allowed me to have more than just sympathy, but rather empathy in that I could relate to my clients’ difficulties and joys and support them in their journey towards finding their life worth living with the support of the crystals.

For the first time in decades, I can truly say I have purpose and insight which comforts and calms me when the storm of life rages around me. I am eager to learn more about crystals and continue to live by the words of Mahalia Jackson “if I can help someone as I go along…then my living shall not be in vain”.

-Mahalia Jackson

“If I can help someone as I go along…then my living shall not be in vain.”

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    1. Rhonda Sookwah says:

      Not only is Nirmala a wonderful shining light and an absolutely accommodating person, but the store is also one of our favourite places to visit. The energy exuded at the store is one of peace, love and light. The quality of Namaste Gems products are exceptional and gorgeous. ❤️💖❤️💖

    2. Anissa says:

      I am overwhelmed with the packaging for each order.Top class gems.i am grateful for all your extra gifts and I love the stickers coming with each package.The chakra incense and books are uplifting to me.i meditate daily with your raw crystals.Every time I receive an order I am so excited to open and use.your page and shop is my go to stop for holistic healing.Though I live Far East I am thankful for the delivery.Many thanks for the customization also.i love the variety at your store.

    3. Shahira says:

      Every single time I ordered from Namaste Gems (and it has been alot of times) the service has been exceptional. Nirmala’s open heart, willingness to give and her creativity when it comes to knowing what you want and excellent customer service is just a few reasons why she will always have my support.(Also, let us not forget the amazing packaging the times come delivered in!!!!) She has made my entire journey of healing with crystals such an amazing one and I learn new things from her all the time. I hope everyone, just like myself, can find peace and tranquillity with her guided help and knowledge. You would not be disappointed in purchasing anything. Also, you will be supporting an amazing person while doing so…….

    4. Jessica says:

      I started following Namaste Gems on IG through Kerry’s page. I loved the pieces you did for him, he and I don’t know each other or anything but I was happy I found this page. Last year was the worst year of my life and I felt like I needed to protect myself and my energy so I made my first order for Obsidian anklets and ever since then I cannot stop ordering stuff. All of my pieces are custom made and upon receiving them I truly feel good vibes and love from them…everytime! This is how you know when people do things from the heart and with purpose and meaning. Nirmala, you’re such an amazing soul for passing on your good energy through your products. I love every single piece of jewelry I purchased from you but my mala which I recently got is my all time favourite, so happy we took the time to figure it out and use the perfect gem for my current situation. Wishing you all the love and success the universe has to offer! Thank you for your kindness and making your clients days brighter.

    5. Emerson Denalli says:

      I must say the first time I contacted Namaste Gems I was a bit skeptical..it was during the lockdown…however when things opened up I went on the website and said I’ll give it a try….I must say i just received my second order with them ..it came fast and i MUST SAY you guys go above and beyond to make the customer feel special…I would recommend anyone I know to purchase all their Spiritual items from Namaste Gems you will never regret your decision….cant wait yo place another order…

    6. Cindy says:

      Today 2 envelopes were put through my letter box. The first one contained the “God Father” of gemstones..Moldavite from Namaste Gems.
      The second was a cheque that the odds of winning are very slim.
      So call it coincidence that I win on the same day that I receive my package or the Laws of Attraction working at its best

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